Our villages epitomise sustainable living. To preserve the same while ensuring basic facilities are provided for, Abhedya has undertaken initiatives for asset building. These are – construction of canals and check dams for irrigation, installation of solar panels for electrification and maintenance of the community hall. The projects being capital intensive are work in progress .

Water for Irrigation

Couple of years back our organisation carried out a survey in nearby forest area and identified 1000 GPS locations to build check dams, stop dams and gabion structures. We have the exact technological specifications for these 100 structures . We are looking for partners who could help us fund this initiative and resolve the water problem once for ever.

Maintaining Community Spaces

The Village Community Hall or the ‘Samudayik Bhavan’ is the center of all educational, cultural, and community activities.

  • Electrification of the entire hall has been done with the help of our kind supporters.
  • HD projector and sound system have been installed in the main classroom which facilitates audio-visual learning for our kids.
  • Our team members from the village ensure that the building is whitewashed at regular intervals.
  • We have also developed a small garden inside the community hall where children and elders of the village often come together for Dharmic activities like Havan, meetings and interactions.
  • With the initiative of passionate volunteers, we have started a library of 600+ books, for the village kids.
  • We have installed a printer/scanner/Copier in the community center. Our youth operating it. Now villagers do not require to walk miles to get photocopies done.

Village IT Lab

Our lab is set up and run by Tribal Youth.

● It serves2 fold purpose – undertake data
entry projects, train kids in basic IT
● Longer term plan is to create an IT
offshore centre run by local youth

Solar Panels

Our Village IT Lab is now SOLAR POWERED .