Abhedya is committed to making a positive impact on society through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Our CSR projects are designed to address pressing social and environmental issues while fostering meaningful partnerships with businesses and communities.

At Abhedya, we believe in creating a better future for all. Our projects aims to empower underprivileged youth, promote environmental sustainability, rural youth leadership, livelihood in tribal clusters and increasing literacy rate in rural areas in MP. All our projects are aligned with our core values and mission to make a lasting difference.

Abhedya is dedicated to transparency and accountability:

· Abhedya complies with all the rules and norms of CSR
· Flexible options are available for customized proposals.
· We are transparent about our financials. We provide expense and progress reports as per the requirements on monthly basis.
· We monitor our projects stringently to ensure the most efficient utilization of funds.
· Projects are regularly assessed by professionals to measure progress against plans.
. We provide 80G receipts for your donation
. We are 80G and CSR certified. Can see the documents on About Us page

What Corporates can get :

The CSR activities directly enhance company's goodwill among the community. CSR promotes a positive brand image of a company, which increases customer retention and loyalty, and more trust from investors. It is especially vital as more and more customers pay attention to the engagement of a business outside of its core functioning. Clients want to know how a company operates to enhance rather than degrade the society. In this way companies contribute to general well-being and make the world a better place. It increases brand visibility as we promote the supporters on Abhedya's website and social media channels.

List of CSR projects available for funding

Please click here to contact for the details of any project you are interested in.

  1. Check dams construction to battle with water scarcity

  2. Sanitary pads making in village

  3. Recognition to local tribal art 'Pithora'

  4. Craft items locally made, a new startup

  5. Construction of a training center for village students

  6. Solar Panels for Community hall for Small scale industry usage

  7. Better Infrastructure for Govt schools in kekadiya Panchayat

  8. Sponsored salaries for the employees of Abhedya

  9. School fee for the village students

  10. Coaching fee for the students preparing for competitive exams

  11. E-Riksha for village to take students from village to nearby city (no facility available from village presently)

  12. Monthly Grocery to some needy families